Monday, September 5, 2016

Stop Attacking My Hispanic Friends (and Muslim friends, etc.) Donald Trump!

Stop Attacking My Hispanic Friends (and Muslim friends, etc.) Donald Trump!

I am really tired of hearing Donald Trump’s negative, nasty comments about my Hispanic friends (and Muslim friends, etc.). He talks as if they are all rapists and murderers. All Muslims are terrorists. Stop it! This bigotry and need to insult others makes you unfit to be an American president -- because deep down you are a spoiled rich kid who is a bully ignorant on the issues and tries to cover it up with arrogance and by making up names like “Lying Ted” “Little Marco” and “Crooked Hillary”).

I have a Hispanic friend who sells over $1 million of products for his boss every year, yet he doesn't get paid even 10% of that in salary and benefits. His boss is like you, a GOP type who votes a straight ticket and claims to be "Christian" but treats my friend like dirt, cheats him out of commissions and keeps bringing in new managers to berate all the sales people. 

My friend (one of many Hispanics I know) was born here and served in the Air Force. Yet when he went out to a restaurant with his wife one night, some white guy at a table nearly felt compelled to look in his direction and say --loud enough for my friend to hear -- “Check out the illegal. I bet he’s a drug dealer.”  My friend and his wife said nothing in return, but the hurt was like a knife in the gut.

And this was before Donald Trump made insulting people of color and religion OK and acceptable. You never heard such talk from previous Republican presidential candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain, so this is a new low.

This is the kind of talk that is now “OK” because of Donald Trump making racist statements against individuals and against entire groups which is treated as “normal” and OK.  STOP insulting my Hispanic friends Donald Trump! You are scum compared to them. The same goes for my Muslim friends, women friends, disabled friends, POW friends that you have insulted, while claiming your biggest “Vietnam” was avoiding venereal disease.)

I have Muslim friends in Texas and around the world – people I met while on business or campaigning for U.S. Congress. As a candidate in the Houston area, I went to Mosques, Synagogues and all kinds of churches.  I heard the same sermon in each – be good, pray, repeat. In Fort Bend County (Texas), we live side by side, we know each other, and we all get along working for the community.

I went to Syria before the war and met great people, one of whom drove us to see a church outside of Damascus. Yet to hear Trump you would think that they are all plotting to blow us up when all they want is what everyone else wants: an education, a good job and to be left alone. They are not killers but are fleeing the killers.

Now we see reports of school kids being insulted because of their color. Disgusting ignorance. In this high tech economy it’s your skills not your color that defines your future.

A neighbor of mine moved out. I happened to see the door was open and someone was doing a rehab of the unit for the next occupant. It needed it big time because the prior tenant had dogs that were alone all day and had fouled the nice wood floors.

So WHO was doing the work? A very nice HISPANIC man and his crew. In fact, it appeared to be a family event with a woman  and  boy having breakfast as a plumber did his thing and the floor guys did their thing - it was quick, quiet and "get the job done." They were still working when I went outside 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. How many people do you know that work that hard?

If you don’t have a Hispanic or Muslim friend, meet some, have dinner with them like I have. If you do have Hispanic or Muslim friend, please share this to send the message to Trump and his kind to stop the bigotry! 

Let's stand up for our friends of all colors and all religions. THAT is what America is all about - not the hate generated by Mr. Trump who is hiring men like Roger Ailes who sexually harassed women at Fox News and Mr. O’Bannon, who is a white supremacist. These are birds of a for feather that are not the kind of advisors a president should have, a nation dedicated to “all men are created equal” -- not just some, not just the rich, not just one religion.

Michael Fjetland, Author
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