Thursday, September 29, 2016

I predicted 911. I predict if Trump is elected, we will lose more military in 1 day than 8 years in Iraq!

I predicted 911 on TV ten years before 911 (its still on Youtube with nearly 2 million views if you don’t believe me).

Here is another: I predict if Donald Trump wins the presidency America will lose more military in 1 day then we did in 8 years in Iraq! His comments about shooting at Iran soldiers giving our navy the finger is proof. Look up “Millennium Challenge” a 2002 military exercise with a simulated war with Iran. We lost 16 ships plus an aircraft carrier that has a crew of 5,000. We lost 4,400 in Iraq in 8 years. Do the math.

I also predict he will generate a monster recession like that in 2008 in Bush with his Bush-type tax cuts for the 1% and trade wars. America cannot afford a man who has built a campaign on racism and sexist remarks, hides his tax returns, brags about paying zero taxes that fund things like veterans’ care, roads, schools and has his goods made in a dozen countries overseas, and even imports foreign labor to his Mar A Lago resort in Florida. No Americans need apply. His line about “bring jobs” to America is just another lie.

He is a con man like Iowa’s “Music Man” but unlike the show, Trump only loves himself, and that is no prediction.  His ignorance is matched by Gary Johnson who doesn’t even know about Syria or names of foreign leaders.

There is only one sane choice in November – Hillary.  Pass it on..

Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA

Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool

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