Friday, September 2, 2016

American Workers: WHO Sent Your Jobs Overseas? DONALD TRUMP, Even Today

American Workers: WHO Sent Your Jobs Overseas? DONALD TRUMP.

And he is doing it even TODAY.  His claims of being on your side requires you overlook what he  has always done.  Consider the FACTS that are in evidence and undisputjed.

Donald Trump has his products made in 12 countries overseas. Where was the Donald Trump insisting that they be made in the USA?  Ties and shirts made in Mexico (yes, Mexico!), China, etc. Did he choose to have them made HERE? No...Did he care? No....And NOW he is your hope for a job?  Hey, be sure to get his special $35,000 Trump University course (which he admitted in a deposition had no more information than was in his $20 book!)

"But that's in the past" you say. Really? Just this month Trump applied to have dozens of foreign workers enter the U.S. to work at his Mir A Lago property in Florida. Foreign workers NOT Americans!  So WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

Some  people say this: Trump "as a businessman" will "fix" our economy! Fix it for him for sure. His record shows that he never built a business from nothing but did the opposite. Trump inherited great wealth and then bankrupted company after company after he emptied the till to fill his pockets. People lost their jobs but he made millions from it.  Now he wants to do the same to our country.

Trump has even managed to do the impossible in business - bankrupt a casino!  In case you didn't know, every casino has the odds stacked in favor of the house (not you gamblers/voters).  That means he even killed the golden goose of businesses--by his greed and constant chaos.

So if he can kill a cash engine like a casino, how does he bring growth to the U.S. when his policies would kill it?  Because if you look at his policies, its like the Bush tax cuts that gave 90% to the top 1% and a few crumbs to the working class - who were told they were getting chicken salad when it was really chicken sh_t. 

Trumps economic plan is just as crazy: It would add $15 TRILLION in new debt that would crash our economy just like Bush's unpaid for plan did in 2008.

Trump's track record is a disaster. And he doesn't even pay his taxes! YOU pay more than he does --that's why he is hiding his tax returns when every other presidential candidate in 40 years has released his (and hers) so the American public could see the TRUTH.  The couple years of tax returns from the 90's we know of that had to be released for Trump to buy a casino showed him paying ZERO taxes.  Yep, YOU paid MORE than him.

Tell me again how this helps you when you guys he said "get paid to much!" pays nothing to support this country he says he wants to lead?  All he will lead to is more for the wealthy like him --who unlike most of us never had to face the quandary of having enough money to either pay the rent or buy food.

Trumps biggest "quandary" was how to gain publicity even if it meant calling in to a TV station using the fake name "John Miller" to claim how many women he was cheating on while married to his current wife.  Wow, Bragging on cheating on your wife. Does that sound like real American values? Iowa values? Texas values? Not to me....

You may not like Hillary but she does know the complex global issues we face -- unlike the school boy Trump who rann for president without even bothering to read the Constitution he would be responsible for (he told GOP Senators that not only did he support Article 1 but also "Articles 9 and 12" when it has only 7 articles).  I know this, when you are that far behind you can't cram it in now - it took me 30 years of international law to know what I know. No one gets that from an advisor or a last minute briefing.

Our future is not dependent on you liking Hillary - its dependent on having a president who knows the real facts of this 200-country world and its global economics.

We need someone who isn't changing his mind every 5 seconds and finding someone new to insult. Another example if his strange need to make new enemies:  Trump recently took issue with the leader of Canada (Justin Trudeau) and said "he is the worst president they have ever had."  Mr. Trudeau is Prime Minister, not a president, showing once again Trump's arrogant ignorance.  Trump reminds me of the lazy student bullshitting his way through an exam, while thinking it brilliant, while the teacher gives it an "F."

If you think this doesn't matter, then go flying with a blowhard who says he knows how to fly, but he hasn't even bothered to read the manual--and YOU are the first passengers!  See how that comes out....

P.S. Make sure your will is in order first. 

If you want a better, stronger America, please SHARE.  Hillary has flown the plane before and knows the words of the Constitution (they do teach us that in law school).

Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool
Chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" - Election 2016 update
at the link

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