Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did you Know: Illegal Immigration is DOWN by 1 Million since 2008!?

Did you Know: Illegal Immigration is DOWN by 1 Million since 2008!?
Facts & Myths

Global American Series
12 Nov. 2010

Did you know that Illegal immigration is actually DOWN by 1 million in the last
two years?

Did you know that the Obama administration is deporting more people than were
deported during the Bush administration? (True!)

Are there really hordes of illegal border crossers swooping out of Mexico -- or
fact-less fear mongering? (I just returned from a trip to the Mexico border and
saw it up close and personal).

Did you know that after giving foreign students Ph.D's, we show them the exit
door – so they can make the next great invention for companies in China or India
instead of giving them a Green Card to stay in America to pay taxes and help
U.S. companies compete on the cutting edge in the global market?

Did you know we have a shortage of highly skilled people that can't fill $80,000
jobs in American companies–and only allow in 5,000 unskilled workers to do farm
work and meat packing most Americans won't?

What is the real solution to the immigration issue –our present non-system -- or
something better? If something better, what should it look like?

This Saturday on Global American Radio we give Americans some real FACTS and
TRUTH about illegal immigration – what is happening and potential solutions. My
guest is 30-plus year Houston immigration attorney , Charles Foster, who has
served as policy advisor for both Presidents Bush and Obama and currently leads
the Greater Houston Partnership Task Force on Immigration Reform, a nationwide
effort to make our non-working immigration system to work for business, families
and our economy. Charles once helped a Chinese ballet dancer defect to stay in
America back in the early 80's (Li Cunxin, a Chinese national, was forcibly
detained inside the Chinese Consulate in Houston after informing Chinese
authorities that he intended to remain in the United States—Charles got him out
and got him his freedom).

Did you know that our present focus is on deporting criminals and repeat

You don't know any of this if you have been listening to the other radio guys
who are either (1) not giving Americans the truth about our border situation
either because they don't know any better or (2) they are being dishonest for a
political purposes that includes not giving Americans the truth about the
current situation. Why can't they give you the true facts instead of making them
up? (Remember, Limbaugh claiming the President's trip cost $200 million/day plus
1/3 of our navy – even the military laughed at that figure because it was so

Global American radio trusts Americans will make the right decisions if given
Truth and Honest Facts instead of false, phony ones. A country whose people
decide issues based on false facts run the same risk as an aircraft or ship with
a faulty compass that takes it off course where it can run aground, or worse.

Check out "Illegal Immigration and America's Future" on Global American Radio,
Saturday Nov. 13 at 9 am Central time on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and then available 24/7 on
(Click on Favorite Programs, then the program name).

Next week we meet a man who was just in North Korea and Iran -- and lived to
tell about it. (Did he really have to do THAT in front of Kim's statue!?)

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series
Global American Radio:

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