Sunday, November 7, 2010

India and American Jobs - How to get back to No. 1

When I was a young Fortune 500 attorney-negotiator, I was sent to India - and stayed at the same Taj Mahal hotel the President is on this trip. But it was before terrorists stormed the hotel and killed over 160 people. When I went India was still a stagnant economy, but no more.

India is the largest democracy in the world, and once it unleashed its private sector and free market system in the 90's it has become a global powerhouse along with China. It was not like that in the 1970's when I first arrived - but the stark constant between wealth and poverty was. There weren't billion dollar skyscrapers for six people next to slums when I was there in the 80's.

The President's trip will yield 50,000 American jobs. Our ties with them are vital for our future.

India and China are leading the U.S. because they have so many students interested in-- and graduating from -- engineering and science programs. That is why America has a competitive problem - we can't even fill aircraft machinist jobs that pay $80,000 because the plants can't find people with the skills to do the job.

Any politician who has not been to India and China is clueless, and unqualified to make decisions about American policy, since our future depends on knowledge of our global competitors, not ignorance. As a business negotiator you see it from the ground level -- the REAL world you don't see as a Congressman, Senator or President.

India and China are the two key countries in our future. Every member of Congress should have already been there - yet many do not even have a Passport! How to we lead a world our own Congress reps are ignorant about?

In Saturday's Global American radio, I talked about where the U.S. ranks in the world in education etc (sorry, we are not No. 1 or even close), and WHAT we have to do to become No. 1 again. Look for it under "favorite programs" under "The Gathering Storm"

If you want America back in the game, pass this to a friend.

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