Monday, November 8, 2010

Heading to McAllen, Just Across the Border from 1930's Chicago

Growth is GREEN JObs folks. My green company keeps growing - got to go to McAllen today for a job, just across from where drug gangs closed the international bridge at one point last week.

While illegal immigration has dropped dramatically under the Obama administration, our drug policy the last 40 years has failed...even after 8 years of Bush admin control over border issues, it has become more dangerous...

Only a change in strategy has the potential of turning this situation around. There are no jobs for young people in Mexico, other than being a police officer (and those are risky) or a drug mule for a gang.

And they are getting their heavy weapons from AMERICAN GUN DEALERS. If I hear gunfire from across the border, it will be American weapons killing innocent civilians and police...and I bet they sleep very well knowing that.

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