Monday, October 31, 2011

The American SKILLS GAP - High Paying Jobs We Can't Fill

America, we have a SKILLS GAP - Existing Jobs that require skills Americans don't have. We have over 3 million high tech jobs RIGHT NOW that can't be filled because Americans don't have the skills for them. Filling them would drop our unemployment rate from 9.1% to 6.1%!

And here is another example of the skills gap -

"The dilemma, one familiar to many industries across the country, is particularly acute for jobs that require hard-core quantitative, mathematical and technical skills.

The talent pool, advertising technology company executives say, is not a deep one. And those who have the skills are in high demand, often fetching annual salaries that can reach $100,000."

In other words, we have jobs available but people need to "up their game" and get the training to fill them. Our education system is not producing them.

Maybe Pogo was right: "We have met the enemy and he is us!" It's one thing not to have a job choice. It's quite another to have high paying jobs available and we have to either leave them vacant or give them to foreigners who do have the skills we don't have.

Now that is the tragedy...when are we going to realize we can't compete in a high tech world with low tech skills?

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