Friday, October 7, 2011

An American Who Changed the World & Europe’s Pending Meltdown

An American Who Changed the World
& Europe’s Pending Meltdown

Global American Series
7 October 2011

This week America lost a visionary entrepreneur who literally changed the world. He was a college drop-out who dropped back in to learn new things that would influence how computers work today. Our first segment on Global American radio talks about how even losing his job at the company he founded led him to discover new things he says that he would never have known otherwise.

Then we look at the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which claims “We are the 99%,” referring to those who do not make up the 1% who control nearly 40% of our country’s wealth. Is this a passing fad or part of a new political movement, similar yet different from the “tea party” movement? What is fueling this rage coming from the left? Will it impact the 2012 elections?

How will Europe’s pending economic meltdown impact America’s economy in 2012 if more European banks default and more countries need a bailout to keep from collapsing? Remember, Americans and our banks have investments in Europe, which is also our biggest trading partner. If Europe goes down so will the United States. Given that the U.S. is on the verge of another recession, if Europe catches cold the U.S. could catch pneumonia. It is the topic for our third segment.

Finally, we review the President’s jobs bill – and why we need one. Economists have stated that it could generate growth in 2012 of 2% -- versus no growth if Congress does nothing. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proposes that we pay for it by adding a 5% tax to people whose earnings exceed $1 million per year. How much of this bill would put people to work rebuilding bridges that are 50 years old and the 40% of our schools that are over 60 years old?

That is what Global American radio covers this week. It airs at 9 am Central time, on Business 1110 Am, and is streamed on and Podcast 24/7 on

And standby for changes – Global American radio will soon be on the Internet!

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series

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