Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Congress? The Strange Iran Assassination Case

Occupy Congress? The Strange Iran Assassination Case
The Tiny Terrorists Homeland Security Missed
14 October 2011
Global American® Series

As one who has been a TV terrorism analyst before and after 9/11, there is something about the Iran assassination attempt of the Saudi Ambassador in DC using a Mexican drug cartel that just doesn’t make sense.  But it strangely tracks a “fiction” book I once wrote that chronicled a similar plot.

Why would the Iranians pick as their “bag man” a bumbling guy whose wife divorced him because he kept losing his keys? He was no James Bond. And the risks to Iran from this plot far outweigh the advantages. Why risk the wrath of the U.S. in a bombing that would have killed Americans and bought the weight of our military on Iran? Is a rogue faction responsible? We discuss this strange case in the second segment of Global American radio this week.

Occupy Congress? The failure to pass the President’s Jobs Bill with unemployment stuck at 9.1% will bring no relief to the 14 million unemployed. Recent polls show that once people know the details of the plan, two thirds support it. So is “Occupy Congress” next?   If the government doesn’t invest to rebuild the 1 in 4 bridges rated as “deficient” in our country, who will? GE? McDonalds? Surely not any private company.  Now what? How does a do-nothing Congress help us revive our economy? We explore this maze in our first segment.

The latest GOP Presidential debate features Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, Rick Perry’s need for 9-1-1 and Mitt Romney’s statement that he “would not have loaned General Motors money” to save it –even though GM is once again a private company, has repaid its loans and over 1 million jobs were saved.  How would losing another 1 million jobs help us? What are the economic consequences of imposing a 9% Federal sales tax on everything people buy? What about the 47% who are paying no taxes who would have to pay 9%? What would happen to our deficit? We’ll discuss it in our third segment.

Finally, we look at the tiny terrorists that got passed Homeland Security. And they cost the U.S.A. over $120 billion year in higher food costs and eradication programs. How did this happen after 9/11?

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