Monday, October 31, 2011

Libya's New Prime Minister - Electronics Engineer

Significant if you wanted to know what the "Arab Spring" was all about. The NEW Prime Minister for Libya - is an Electronics Engineer from Tripoli.

Note that. The first-ever Libyan Prime Minister is an engineer, not a Mullah nut case. Or a Gadhafi nut case.

This is a good sign for a new Libya which just brought America justice when Gadhafi was captured and killed.

It was Gaddafi who ordered the bombing of American Pan Am 103 flight from London to the U.S. a Christmas in 1988. The Americans wrapped up in Jersey Shore or fake reality shows should at least take time to know and remember that fact.

The "Arab Spring" has been about justice, and freedom from murdering dictators. The tiniest comment about Gaddafi in a cafe would often lead to that person never being seen alive again. That is why the young freedom fighters were willing to sacrifice their lives to eliminate such arbitrary injustice.

Arab Spring and Libya's fight was not a religious driven revolution. It was a justice driven thirst for a more democratic and fair society.

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