Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election 2012: A NEW America Emerges --What it Means for Future

President Obama's re-election with a clear majority (including 332 electoral votes to Romney's 206) marks the beginning of a NEW America in 2012.

American voters now look like the country as a whole - the electorate is now totally diverse, not just white people.  I say this as one who has run for Congress in more than one GOP primary.*

Few people realize that Obama also got 2/3's of the CUBAN American vote - a vote that in the past has always been Republican.  Obama led by a wide margin with WOMEN. He got 70% of the Hispanic vote, the fastest growing group in America. Obama led among college and the youth vote - those who stay with a party once they pick one. Obama also got the white progressive vote (people like me).  Romney led among old white people, who are at the end of their careers and life cycle.

Some have said that the majority who voted in Obama "just want free stuff."  This is the same illogical thinking that led to the GOP loss, and will lead to more defeats until they change their ways. 

The only things people who voted for Obama want are:

1) Opportunity to VOTE
2) Opportunity for EDUCATION

Obama voters don't want welfare; they want WORK. The truth is the greatest number of people on welfare today is WHITE - usually poor whites with children. 

The people who voted for Obama don't want to steal your stuff; they want the opportunity to improve their lot by getting an education - which Obama has said is key to our future. Gov. Romney wanted to CUT Education funding. That would have condemned American success in a high tech world we must compete in.  The GOP in Texas has cut education funding and  Texas now ranks toward the bottom of states in education (thanks to GOP-led Mississippi for keeping us from being number 50).

Furthermore, Obama has proposed TRAINING people to fill the 2 million high tech, high paying jobs that are open and available TODAY in the U.S. - but Americans don't have the skills to fill them.  Our competitors in China and India do have those skills (my next article will cover how fast and far China has come in the last 30 years, and how it stands poised to surpass us).

Most of all, Obama voters -- like all people everywhere -- want RESPECT.

You don't make friends by walking into a party and telling everyone what's wrong with them, or by proclaiming "You are all illegal and need to self deport!" I have a Hispanic friend who served in the U.S. Air Force - yet at restaurants white guys will make disparaging remarks within earshot, as if he is a mafia guy instead of the sales guy he is. He makes his employer over $1 million year selling hazardous materials products to the oil industry. Nothing motivates people more to get "revenge" at the polls then disrespect or attempting to take away their opportunity vote.

In the past two years we have seen a number of GOP controlled states attempt to limit voter access. They imposed voter ID laws in Pennsylvania and Texas and cut the number of early vote days in places like Florida. It was an attempt to suppress votes by legitimate U.S. citizens.  It backfired and brought out voters of many colors who were willing to stand in line for 6 hours or more to exercise their basic American right of choosing our leaders.

Hispanics were treated by the GOP candidates as if all of them are illegals - never mind that most of them are here as legal U.S. citizens and work hard to make a living for their families.  It's why Obama won 70% of their votes. Women were disrespected by wing-nut GOP candidates who talked of "legitimate rape" and other nonsense. Gays were cast as subhuman. "Moderates" were drummed out of the party.  The GOP has narrowed its voter base immensely.  I wonder if the GOP voters even like members of different country clubs?

Demographic trends will continue what was started in Election 2012. To win future elections, a candidate from any party must appeal to a diverse group of voters, not just a few old angry white people or religious fanatics --the ones who still control the GOP primaries. This approach has cost the GOP over 5 U.S. senate seats - and control of the Senate.

A NEW America has emerged from Election 2012. It looks just like the real world - people of many colors and religions, but all loyal Americans who want our country to lead the world.

The sooner the GOP wakes up to this reality the better. Otherwise they will become a permanent minority party, as it should be when it works against the American principals such as "one man one vote" and fails to enlarge its tent to fit modern America that comes in all colors. 

Michael Fjetland*
Global American Series
Ebook: “Better Times Ahead: April Fool” 

*Ran in GOP primaries in 2000, 2002, 2006 against Rep. Tom DeLay -- before leaving the party since moderates are not welcome.

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