Thursday, November 1, 2012

GOP CUTS in EDUCATION Will Sabotage U.S. in High Tech Space Age century

A good point was raised on Facebook by my nephew's intelligent wife, Stephanie Fjetland, who said "When you Vote, don't forget the people running for school board. Remember how they have "dumbed down" our books -- which end up going national." She was speaking of the Texas Board of Education, which is notorious for some of its controversial decsions.

I add to her comment with this thought
"The Texas State Board GOP members removed from our history books the writer of our American Constitution. Yes, they really did cut out Thomas Jefferson, a key member of our founding fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence we all know and love. 
Why? Because the GOP members of the board were offended that Jefferson had written about separation of church and state, so they deleted him from our history books. The Taliban would approve. (Never mind that America was founded by people eager to get away from England's church-state rule).
These Texas-approved books are then sent to schools nationally --to dumb them down the rest of American kids who have to read them, depriving them of learning about the man who wrote the great principles upon which we stand, and much more
The GOP members of the Texas State Board of Education have diluted our knowledge base instead of enhancing it consistently.  We cannot win the global economy and be on the cutting edge of advancement in a globally competitive marketplace without investing in our education, as President Obama has done. The GOP TX Board has Texas ranking near the bottom nationally.
DON'T Let that happen... 
EDUCATION is America's only hope to win the 21st century..because it is already a high tech, space age century and will only become MORE so as technology advances. Only those countries that lead in education will lead in technology. 
So I urge you to "Vote NO on the TX GOP Board of Education candidates - these people actually believe dinosaurs were put on the ark and think that the world is only 6,000 years old, despite science to the contrary that its about 1 billion years old. I'm expecting them to declare next that the world is flat and that the sun revolves around the Earth!
Our education system has been diluted and debased by this kind of thinking by the TX Board of Education majority at the same time the Chinese are building 265 mph MagLev's and India is graduating tens of thousands of talented engineers who can pass math tests American kids cant...
That lack of high tech skills means that the over 2 million American jobs available RIGHT NOW remain unfilled -- because AMERICANS don't have the science and math skills to fill them. Chinese workers so. Indian workers do. Others do. 
Not us Americans. Why? Because of the GOP members of the Texas Board of Education (who are apparently Bored With Education)...This is not just a Texas problem, unfortunately.
So the only choice left is to Vote for the "Democrat" candidates running for the State Board of Education -- and others like it -- to give us a NEW BOARD necessary to advance our Texas (and American) Educational system -- or fall behind the world. 
In the inescapable global economy we are part of we MUST be EDUCATIONALLY competitive.  We can't win the world economy with mediocre standards and distorted history books.
That means we Can't Succeed with the ROMNEY/Ryan proposed CUTS to Education --they will SABOTAGE OUR FUTURE. It will guarantee the jobs are outsourced to China or India because we don't have the skills here.
Cutting education will not a great nation make in the space age.  Knowing how to flip burgers and how many celebrities are in rehab will not make us No. 1 in the world.
President Obama has invested in education - the TX GOP School Board members have not.  The difference between investing in education versus cutting education will make us or break us as a great nation. 
So the choice you make from the White House to the School Board in 2012 will also make us or break us as a great nation...
Will you pick of the path of investing in America's future --, or will you vote for dinosaurs on an ark in a world of MagLevs and 2 million unfilled American high tech jobs...waiting for Americans with the skills to fill them...?
Michael Fjetland
Global American Series  

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