Saturday, November 10, 2012


On the drive back from Dallas today I had an intense center left vs center right (or maybe further right than that!) debate today - we were like two high energy electrons buzzing around each other with opposing views of the world.

Finally, my NASA friend (who also works with me when not doing his day job) said: "People debate the answers, but we need to know the question" or something like that.

I said: "There is only one."  Its simple really.  "The key question is: 'WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE FOR the USA to WIN the HIGH TECH 21st Century in a Global Economy"...

Every answer stems from answering that KEY QUESTION. I raise it because of my knowledge of a world catching up to us..

We have 2 million OPEN, UNFILLED Jobs in America TODAY. But Americans DON'T have the SKILLS to Fill these $70,000 Plus jobs. Obama wants to upgrade education and training to fill them.

This is not a race we can afford to come in the real world of economics, we can't afford to be less than No. 1....but we HAVE to WORK for IT. IT doesn't just fall in our laps!

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