Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Amazing Strange Fall of Gen. Petraus - CIA at Risk

WHAT was former General, CIA Director Petraus THINKING?  Having an affair while heading the CIA.  The woman biographer, Paula Broadwell, was also married - she "embedded" with the General for 1 year in Afghanistan, apparently in more ways than one.

Yes, Congress reps have affairs, but CIA Directors have to be above that. Secrets and secret affairs equal possible blackmail - in America's highest security office. 
That jeopardizes American security.

But like everyone else I am so totally SHOCKED and SURPRISED he could do something like this...what a shock when they fall off the pedestal...
After 37 years of marriage and after reaching the highest acclaim for his work in Iraq and Afghanistan, what a sad and strange END to that career.  
Women don't tend to do these things - not at the frequency men seem to.  Perhaps President Obama needs to appoint a WOMEN to the CIA....! 

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