Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Asteroid missed us TODAY. Are we ready for the one that won't miss us?

An Asteroid missed us TODAY.  1 million miles close. Some have gone between us and the moon.

Are we ready for the one that won't miss us? Hell no.

We allegedly intelligent humans haven't even thought of doing that yet, even though the technology to do it is at our fingertips.

To NOT do something that could save us as a species is kinda STUPID, don't you think?  Who gives a damn if the budget is balanced if the planet is vaporized when it was avoidable?

...i was also wondering when we are going to save the planet from our own excessive emissions?

Unless you have a warp drive to get us to the next blue planet some millions of light years away when this one is COOKED...?

Time is not our friend y'll....Immigration AND Climate Change need to be on the agenda in 2013.

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