Monday, December 31, 2012


Congress is letting us go off the cliff. Thanks GOP for not wanting to let the wealthiest pay a little more to reduce the debts set up by your unpaid for tax cuts, two unpaid for wars, Plan D, etc.

My anti-dote is watching "STAR WARS" (the original) while working on the next edition of my "Better Times Ahead" plan to save USA's technical lead while everyone spasses out watching football -- which sure as hell won't save us in the global tech race of the 21st century..

We have to do it despite Congress where half of them are so stupid still think the Earth is 5,000 years old and FLAT! lol

"Agenda for American Greatness" is the last, FREE Chapter of "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

Thinking of doing a second edition with PHOTOS of what I saw in China and India in the 70's and 80's vesus today - and how America stacks up against these growing global powerhouses in technology and education.

But specifically on HOW WE WIN this inescapable global technology race. Details at the link:

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 - from the other side of the cliff...

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