Monday, December 3, 2012

Doctor: CHINA LEADS U.S. in DRUG development

Photo: Night photo of Shanghai, the 21st century financial center of the world, October 2012 by Michael Fjetland

My significant other went to her eye doctor today.  As they chatted she told him about our recent experience in China. He said: "I want to see China. They are now leading us in drug development!"

True.  They are doing what Americans used to do - build great things. Make great investments to keep us ahead.

If you want to see where China has come from, check out what it looked like when I first saw it in 1982 as a young Fortune 500 attorney negotiating pollution control technology with the Chinese government. Then I will show you the unbeleivable changes since then - dramatic architecturec, huge investments in education and infrastructure, high speed transportation, space, etc.

From being behind America, they now lead in many ways - mostly because our country has failed to invest. We have become complacent - and spent far too much on war machines that don't generate income and too little on the civilian technology that do - and keep us leading the world.

China has a worldwide strategy to buy rare metals worldwide. We have no national strategy period.

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