Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's Causing the FISCAL CLIFF deadlock? This...

The FISCAL CLIFF deadlock is being caused by the way our Congressional districts are drawn -

Instead of encouraging centrists in both parties (people like James Baker and elder Bush), our current system encourages extremists in each party, people like Tom DeLay when I ran for Congress and Michelle Bachman, etc., today.

I ran against Tom Delay in the 2000 GOP primary because it was the only way to scare him - the Democrat only got 36% in that GOP heavy district. Whoever won the GOP primary in that district - where FEW VOTE - automatically won in November. Voters in November were fooling themselves.

Now computers draw safe districts - so Congressmen fear a primary opponent instead of the general election opponent....The zealots turn out to vote in the primary for the most extreme - not the more moderate voters who show up in November. I discovered moderate Republicans who voted for me as a moderate, but only when I ran as an Independent and got to compete in the November election cycle.

I cover this and how to fix Congress and America's economic future in a high-tech GLOBAL 21st century in the last (FREE) chapter of my book entitled "Agenda for American Greatness."  How did we get into this? HOW do we get OUT? All explained at the link.

It's at the link below.

If you want to know where America stands in the world competitively...

I see an America whose citizens think its ahead of a race it is behind in...

Solutions to fix our mess are included at the final chapter.

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