Sunday, June 9, 2013

All of us humans on this one blue planet for light years in any direction all share the same desire –

I am in San Antonio - LOVE this city! It's a good stopping point between far West Texas and Houston. Got some great video/photos of wind turbines, oil jacks, etc - the old and the new next to each other. Will try to post later. Got Mexican food on the brain right now! Yum!

People need to realize that we are all alike. All anyone wants is to be treated with respect.  Just about all trouble in our lives comes when people fail to do that.  So chill out and be nice to others. It’s contagious. Be nice and you will be amazed how many people are nice back. Be a bitch or a bastard and don’t be amazed how many people don’t want to see you ever again.
In every one of the nearly 50 countries I’ve been to date, I have treated people with respect – and they have always treated me the same. I have found people worldwide to be extremely courteous and helpful.
It is the Americans who don’t travel who don’t know this –ignorance breeds fear. They fear those they have never met. 
I have met them. Worldwide. For over 30 years. And I can tell Americans, based on personal knowledge, that we are more alike then they can imagine. They need to go see for themselves. Extremists are a tiny fraction of any country or religion. Their bite far exceeds their numbers.  I can say that having been in countries like Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, etc.
Don’t let hate blind you to the reality that all of us humans on this one blue planet for light years in any direction all share the same desire – to be left in peace, have job opportunities and education for their children.That’s it. 

People are not greedy. Unlike vested interests that want to keep the majority for themselves and choke off that innovative entrepreneur or idea that they fear – like the carriage industry fearing the automobile…
See for yourself in my personal story from journals I kept traveling the world the last 30 years – from high to low…from richer to definitely poorer – and back to prosperity. It’s all in…
“Better Times Ahead April Fool”

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