Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodbye Paula Dean. Bigotry is never justified, especially when its so casual.

Goodbye Paula Dean.
Bigotry is never justified, especially when its so casual. Judging people by their color instead of their character is beyond ignorant - its not even justified. I know.

I have met people from around the world, a lot of them a lot smarter and nicer than Paula Dean...I describe them in my just released eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool." I talked to Christians in the Middle East, Chinese who now lead us with the fastest computer in the world (because Congress has failed to invest), people in Brazil - which is now in protests over the worst inequality in the world, etc...
P.S. Paula - Fried food will block your arteries and kill you! Don't let the screen door hit you on the fanny on the way out the TV door...America needs role models who value the American value of equality...that we are all the same and have the right to be treated equally with others.
In Rio, like what has happened in the last 30 years, the benefits went to the super-rich, and the country suffered - as it is today. That's why there are MILLIONS of people on the streets! BILLIONS for a Stadium for 2014 Soccer but NOTHING for the vast majority who need jobs, healthcare, EQUALITY...
Excerpt from "Better Times Ahead April Fool" 
"The sheer beauty of Rio de Janeiro on the coast of Brazil is one of the things we need to see.  Mountains rise from the sea behind high-rise condos and office buildings. I went down on my first trip sometime in 1980, taking off from Miami. The first interesting thing is that the 8-to-10-hour trip is mostly south so your body doesn’t travel through 6 or 7 time zone changes like it does when you fly east towards Europe, or the 13-hour difference and the international dateline which causes you to lose a day going west towards Asia.  Rio is four hours ahead of U.S...."

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