Sunday, October 6, 2013

GRAVITY - How NASA is saved by... Chinese Space Tech? And Russian ...

GRAVITY, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, which I saw in 3D is an EXCELLENT movie that could happen. 

I saw our future in this movie -- and the present. 

It gave me a real sense of what it must be like to look down on our planet -- as Bullock had been jettisoned into space by debris hitting the Shuttle, below her on the screen I could see the lights lining the Nile River leading to Cairo--a place I have been to-- and a silent hurricane in the distance. It gives you a view of the world like no other.

And it was AMAZING to see the different space technology that CURRENTLY exists – American, Russian, Chinese stations and capsules. Because the Chinese were never invited to join the International Space Station headed by the USA they decided to put up there own space station. It will be fully operational in 2020. 

When I first went to China in 1982 as a young legal negotiator for a Fortune 500 company (selling pollution control technology of all things), it was a bicycle economy. Today China is the world's second largest economy in the world and a space faring nation with big plans -- the kind that built America and we seem to have lost. 

Today we fixate on trivial things while the world passes us by in technology and education -- while hillbillies in Congress have no idea how they are sabotaging our leadership in this new high tech, global, space-age economy.  

Reality is not ideology. Ideology won't make us winners when it comes to allowing the Chinese to be the only country with a space station when our space station gets old and is dumped into the ocean a few years from now.

In GRAVITY it is the CHINESE technology at the end that saves the sole surviving American astronaut. I am not giving away anything here other than a fact.  Frankly, the scenario in Gravity is quite possible in the unknown hazards of space work.
Female Chinese Astronaut

To create jobs and stay in the tech leader in this global space-age economy, America should double our investment in NASA and make MARS the next destination. 

The hillbilly teabags have such a limited vision – I doubt they know what’s going on outside of Alligator Bayou.  I have seen our Chinese competitors go from behind us to in front of us.  Failure to invest in education destroys our future.

It’s all as fundamental as that. With equality for all, men as well as women. That’s my platform.

I loved the scenes of earth below the action – at one point it looked like the Arctic. Amazing, the whole thing. It made me realize how beautiful it is and how we must protect it from damage.
Space Race countries - it aint' just us bros...duh! Invest or die as the world leader dudes...

My vision for America to lead the future is in "Agenda for American Greatness"

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