Monday, October 28, 2013

Citizen Terror in Beijing - China's Coming Rupture? America in the crosshairs

The strangest event just occurred in the capital of China. The heart of the entire country is Tiananmen Square in the capital city, Beijing. In the middle of it still hangs a giant portrait of Chairman Mao, long deceased but still the father of Chinese Communism one-party state.

Today a car with several people in it drove up on the surrounding sidewalk and somehow exploded, burning those inside and killing even tourists on the street at the time.

I have stood where the incident occurred. here is my photo proof.  This crash could be a sign that an earthquake is brewing in China, one that could rock it POLITICALLY for the first time since Mao took control in 1949.

For American complaining about our government spying on us, GO TO CHINA - and see how easy we have it compared to our Chinese citizen brothers and sisters. The Chinese government DELETED photos of the burning car near Mao's portrait from the Internet - which is TOTALLY controlled, unlike here in the U.S. where you can get anything on the Internet.

China has WEALTH. But its people still do not have FREEDOM. It is a kettle about to blow. If you wan tto see the changes, in photos I personally took, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

Standby for developments.

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