Sunday, October 27, 2013

I won't run for Congress, But SENATE I am considering...The Anti Cruz

I turned down a request for run for Congress as a Democrat for one reason -- the districts have been gerrymandered to give the incumbent a 60%-40% advantage. Why bother? Despite all effort, time and money the incumbent will get 60% of the vote. Would you enter a poker game knowing the other side had marked the cards?

BUT running for an entire STATE is entirely different -- you can't gerrymander an entire state. In that case winning depends on things like voter suppression and turnout. I can live with that challenge.

So, I am seriously considering running for U.S. Senate for the seat in 2014 presently occupied by John Cornyn. Especially if a "big name" Democrat doesn't sign up.

Why? Because I have the international expertise that a U.S. Senator needs to make decisions for Texas and America. Lawyers and dentists are all nice people. But if you haven't been in nearly 50 countries on real business (versus going as a tourist), then do you really think you are going into office as a well informed Senator -- when we face economic and terrorism threats globally?

And because I am the only one who has written and published a winning plan to upgrade Texas and American skills and technology leadership.

This is no longer the 70's. We now that we live in a global economy, a space age, high tech economy. I have seen how the world works. I have worked in technology globally for the largest companies and the smallest as an entrepreneur (as told in my book.) That experience has given me the insights of how best America can regain jobs and improve incomes. Before you judge me, you have to see what I saw. Because I saw it from both the top and the bottom. From a farm in Iowa to riding Mach 2 in the Concorde to getting laid off and losing it all. To getting it all back, and founding a small company that has thrived despite the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Unlike the other candidates, or the present Senator Cornyn, I have a written plan to guide America back to being No. 1 again. It is called "Agenda for American Greatness" , the final chapter of my ebook  "Better Times Ahead April Fool."  The title comes from a sign I once saw in India. It became a theme of re-invention. The book describes my experiences, from farm to world, in the first 8 chapters. The final one is about SOLUTIONS (after describing how we got into this mess.)  I have made available a FREE version of it on the book website.

"Agenda for American Greatness" shows how we got into this economic mess, and more importantly, how we get out of it. Texas lags in education when our kids now have to compete not just with kids from other states, but globally. Texas lags in solar power. The present Texas GOP leadership has attacked women, the poor, Hispanics -- and failed to even fund the Texas Water Plan until disaster hit. Today, Texas remains 86% in drought. Every country in the world I have been to provides healthcare for its citizens. Obamacare only requires Americans be insured - far short of what citizens take for granted in other democratic countries from England to Mexico.

The Senator from Texas should have been working to take action on these issues long before now. Our water crisis has been evident for decades. Cornyn has voted against infrastructure investments that repair 65,000 bridges old enough to qualify for social security. I would protect social security and Medicare when international companies are paying zero taxes. NASA is being starved of funding to do work that is vital to keep from falling behind the Chinese in space. Over 2 million high tech, high paying American jobs are unfilled because Americans lack the skills for them. Yet Chinese and Indian workers do have the skills. We should be training Americans for them rather than giving them to other countries.

In short, I would be the anti-Cruz, the Texas Senator whose reckless acts cost the U.S. economy $24 billion and -- worse -- has damaged the United States stature in the world and our credit.

I invite you to review my plan to win the 21st Century for Texans and Americans. Compare it to Senator Cornyn's or any candidate. Feel free to pass it along for comment. We need to have a real discussion on real issues instead of more talking points. Let the debate begin -- AFTER you read "Agenda for American Greatness" -- the latest version is in the book but you don't need to buy it to read the free version at the website.

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