Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beware Politicians and Phony Issues - Ignoring the Real ones

We need to raise the level of political conversation. We have Texas GOP candidates talking crazy stuff like rejecting the 17th amendment that allows the people elect our Senators (instead of the legislature)...but saying nothing about real issues.

NONE of them are talking about raising our education levels to compete in this GLOBAL economy and about how to fix our crumbling infrastructure. Instead, its about "open carry" - which reminds me of seeing AK 47's in places like Bolivia instead of here in the USA. No mention of advancing Pre-K or tech training to fill the 2 million high tech jobs Americans aren't qualified for. What about letting our roads fall apart and giving nothing to NASA?

So if you want "more of same" then DON'T read "Agenda for American Greatness." Frankly, we need a real discussion of real issues instead of phony issues like the 17th amendment...

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