Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Americas' Growing Militia Problem - More Dangerous than Iraqs

We have a growing Militia problem in the U.S. that could make us like IRAQ - or worse.

Instead of relying on our US Border Patrol --and countless county constables, sheriffs, etc.-- these gun crazed vigilantes are driving to the border to point guns at women and little kids with a message: "Get back across the border!"

Never mind the kid is 5 and has nothing to survive a thousand mile trek back to Central America...

That's what we have National Guard and border forces for. Do citizens in cities get to play police? No, for good reason. 
We need Congress to STOP these vigilantes from patrolling the border! They have no business there any more than they had the right to threaten federal officers trying to get Cliven Bundy to honor his unpaid grazing fees. In the above case the vigilante was pointing a gun at the border agents.
"Cowboy justice" fueled by crazy wing-nut talk on radio, TV and blogs has fed a new monster that theatens us more than ISIS in Iraq -- American Vigilantes wanting to be "the law"  -- or ignoring it completely. Members of the "Sovereign Citizen" movement don't believe police have any authority, so they shoot at the cops when they are stopped. That is crazy, un-American and criminal.

If we need more border security forces, Congress could FUND it--instead of giving profitable billion dollar corporations like oil companies $21 billion dollar tax free holidays. Over $2 TRILLION in untaxed corporate profits sit in countries around the world. We have money available to address these issues if Congress quit letting corporations have a free ride. Having unlicensed, unhinged civilians walking around confronting people at the border with assault weapons is a BAD idea that no one in their right mind can condone.

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 I have been to the border. I have been to Honduras where many of these kids are coming from. Go to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for yourself and see the conditions for yourself -- if you dare.  These kids are refugees from certain death. Unless we help address the drug gangs creating this nightmare, it won't end.

Congress could help solve that problem too. But in the meantime, our own militias pose a greater danger than any halfway around the world in the Middle East - because they are HERE.

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