Friday, July 18, 2014

Proof it was Russian Missiles - Fired by Putin's separatists in Ukraine

"We have just shot down a plane," says a man the SBU identified as Igor Bezler, a Russian military intelligence officer and leading commander of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. 

The Russians did not do the shoot down of Malaysia Flight 17 over eastern Ukrane yesterday -- it was the pro-Russian separatists who did the shooting.

Russians provided the missiles.

The radio transcripts prove it - a bunch of trigger happy Russian Bubbas who could not tell an airliner from a fighter.

Major: "These are Chernukhin folks who shot down the plane. From the Chernukhin check point. Those cossacks who are based in Chernukhino."
Grek: "Yes, Major."
Major: "The plane fell apart in the air. In the area of Petropavlovskaya mine. The first '200' [code word for dead person]. We have found the first '200.' A Civilian."
Greek: "Well, what do you have there?"
Major: "In short, it was 100 percent a passenger [civilian] aircraft."
Greek: "Are many people there?"
Major: "Holy [expletive]! The debris fell right into the yards [of homes]."

Who did the Ukrainian pro-Russian separatists call after the debris fell? A RUSSIAN military intelligence officer. It struck me as a cold conversation, especially if you were one who had family on that flight.

I say that as someone who has been providing Terrorism Analysis on TV and otherwise since 9 11 and before, as documented at the link.

If it had been a Ukraine transport full of troops --as it was earlier this week--no one in the world would have given a second thought.

Putin has been allowing this to happen by allowing the weapons to cross into Ukraine. He didn't expect his allies to be so STUPID --they thought they were shooting down a Ukraine military plane with troops.

Now the world is rightly awake about Putin's snake-like game to destabilize Ukraine, and  Ukraine will get the attention it deserves.

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