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What Makes America Special - Agenda for American Greatness 2014 update

“Agenda for American Greatness” - 2014 Update
The Short Version

Women’s Rights.  An old Chinese Proverb says’ “Women Hold Up Half the Sky.” Frankly, they hold up half of the World. Without them, none of us would be here. They deserve EQUALITY and RESPECT as a Basic Human Right. ALL humans deserve the same treatment of equality and respect. It is the lack of respect that leads to rage, murder, injustice, war and a troubled world.

Gay Rights, Marriage Equality – The American Constitution declares “All Men are created equal.”  That is as CLEAR as it gets. It’s what has made America special – that each American is equal, whether rich or poor, man or woman, black or white. 

Being gay is not a choice any more than being Hispanic or a woman is a choice. Gays deserve to be RESPECTED and have the same equal rights as others, such as the right to marry and transfer property to a spouse.  Why should just straight people have the joys of marriage and the sorrow of divorce and property settlements?  It would even boost the economy! Think of the potential from wedding cakes to divorce lawyers!

America MUST continue to Set a Global Standard of Tolerance, Equality and Mutual Respect.

Corporations as “People” with “Religious” views that Violate America’s “Equality for All” principle and the 1st Amendment (against the establishment of a state religion).  America is in big trouble when multi-billion dollar corporations can suddenly be a “person” who can donate billions to elect our Congress – while they insure that same Congress lets them move jobs overseas with tax credits and not pay taxes at all. Now, the Supreme Court has given corporations the power to discriminate on the basis of religion.  

What religion doesn’t discriminate against women? Women are not allowed to be priests.  The orthodox Jews force women to segregate themselves and walk on only a certain side of the street. Now American corporation can deny women contraceptives while the corporation like Hobby Lobby itself invests in contraception companies!

Why Obamacare is No Big Deal in a World of Single Payers. How the GOP has been wrong on Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act – and anything else that makes sense for ordinary Americans.  Case closed.

Since when is denying people health insurance “pro life?” Every other country in the world provides healthcare – even Mexico!  Until Obamacare, insurance companies acted as “death panels” by denying coverage if you had a pre-existing condition or had a big claim. Who wants to go back to that dark age?

U.S. – 1 of 3 (of 200 countries in the world) with zero PAID maternity leave. Yep, the United States of America, the greatest of all nations, is about the only country in the world that does NOT provide PAID maternity leave for mothers.  Qatar is with us. Doesn’t that sound impressive? Congress fails again.

Guns in America – How Idiots with Guns at the Coffee shop are making us look like the Third World countries I’ve traveled in –unsafe.  Will the Return to Dodge City with Assault Weapons really be a Step UP for America?

No. It makes us look insecure and unsafe. One of the nice things about traveling –after seeing people with sub-machine guns on the side of the road—was getting back to good old America, where no one walks around slinging a gun to go to Kmart or Target.  I enjoyed the safe environment we have--until these morons carrying assault weapons started massing in public areas. Guys with large weapons into our stores makes me feel like I am back in Bolivia or Nigeria. No thanks. Open carry didn't work in old Dodge City, and they only had six shooters.

The Supreme Court Has Gone Rogue! How old white, Catholic, Republican men on the court are SHREDDING our Constitution and the bedrock American Principle of Equality and Equal Justice Under the Law.

Until this Supreme Court, corporations used to win about 50% of the cases. That seems fair. Corporations now win 80% of the cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and WOMEN are losing 100% under this radical court of old men. In Texas, corporations win almost 100% of the time!

A Congress of Saboteurs – Politics over people and jobs.  How Congress Reps Can Wreck the Economy Under Bush, Then Blockade Reforms under the New President to hurt the economy – Why?

So they can convince average Americans that Obama is causing the problem, so the people then vote for the same people who got us into this mess!  It's all about the GOP “wining” the Senate/House, NOT about making America No. 1 in the world.  In other words, it pays for them to SABOTAGE our economy because Joe America --who doesn’t follow the news-- blames the economy on the black President instead of the Grumpy Old (White) People who put politics over America’s future and ordinary people.

Education – Common core was done by GOVERNORS, not the feds. It's purpose was to find a way we could upgrade American education and measure results, which is critical when other countries are passing us by in education. We need a national educational standard when our kids are Below Average in the World. duh! Proof:  Most of today’s engineers and scientists are CHINESE or INDIAN, not American. Need I say more? Get your kid off Candy Crush and into the books. Or else we are DONE as a country that leads the world.
Space Race: Why China Will Kick Out Butt in Space While Congress Sleeps and Screws our Future as a Global Leader in Technology. The Chinese will have a Brand NEW Space Station in 2020 when our ISS space station is due to be dumped into the ocean. We have no replacement. Way to go Congress. China 1. U.S. 0 in space in 2020.

The Texas (population) model of diversity is coming sooner than you think. Within 20 years EVERYONE in the U.S. will be a minority. In Houston we are already there. It WORKS. It means that equality for all will mean even more to ordinary people in the future, so you better practice it NOW. People remember when you try to rig the results because you can. Since I have been in over 50 countries, it is normal for me to deal with many different people. It's documented in "Better Times Ahead April Fool."

Iraq and American religious extremism are both parts of the same problem – The rise of Religious Extremism and Intolerance all ALL sides.

Jewish, Muslim, Christian—even Buddhist-- extremism is on the RISE GLOBALLY. In short, more people have become more intolerant and shill -- they need to get out of everyone else’s face! Stop pushing your ideology on everyone else.

If your beliefs are that good, people will come without a sales pitch or a gun in their face.  I frankly find it ironic that people label themselves Sunni or Shiite or Protestant or Catholic for this reason. Can you tell the difference by looking at them? I can't. Even the ISIS fanatics have to question people to see if they are Sunni or not. They come in all colors too.

Don’t forget, when Christianity was the same age as Islam is now (about 1400 years old) Christians were burning people at the stake and going off on “Crusades” to kill Muslims at great loss of live over religion versus religion. That was Christians being the terrorists against the Muslims. In other words, no one is without a plank in their eye when it comes to being “holier than thou.”

If you want to see the original chapter “Agenda for American Greatness” – how we got into this mess and how we get out, check it out at the website:

It is a true story that will time wrap you over decades around the world, to see the startling changes and challenges we face - and how to win this century.

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