Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big Difference: USA Has 5 Arab State Partners for ISIS - Sunnis dropping bombs on Sunni Extremists

Obama was SMART - instead of us being the Calvary riding to the rescue of failed states like Iraq (thanks Bush) and Syria, the President took the time to get 5 ARAB countries involved--4 of them flying fighters and dropping bombs.

 Now we have Sunni's bombing Sunni extremists -- instead of it just being us "Christian" westerns appearing to be the only one "beating up" the Muslim natives.  This is IMPORTANT.

This Arab coalition shows that Muslims oppose these extreme killers who are even blowing up Muslim Mosques.  The only problem is that all of our allies are monarchs.

BIG difference...!

Imagine an ISIS/ISIL with an AK 47 --or driving one of our stolen tanks-- and he looks up to see its Bahrain and Jordan flag on the plane dropping a big bomb on his ass.  That is one less fighter butchering Christian and minority children and raping women they bought for $1 after an ISIS raid on dozens of Kurd and Shia villages...

Consider this: If the bomb hits civilians, it is an Arab country doing it, not just us. Let them be mad at Egypt and Qatar instead of us.

Thank god we have  a Smart(er) President who doesn't rush in like a fool (like 2003, which set up the rise of ISIS). We have a wise, thinking President who plays a smart game in an ever changing, complex world...

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