Saturday, September 27, 2014

Upgrade White House Security Before Its Too Late

I am starting the re-write of my original "Fire Over Arabia" still fits today's crazy world as much as the original did.

The original, written in 1990 (but not published) was about a terror attack on the U.S. AND a war in the Middle East. The photos represent what I predicted - Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 was targeting either the Capitol building or the White House (which is harder to see from the air than Capitol Hill).

We could have lost the entire Congress that day, including my nemesis, Tom DeLay. If Congress were wiped out today, there is no way to replace representatives without Special Elections, whereas the Senate could be appointed by Governors.

The photo also represents what I was warning about in the linked video - which I made in 1994! 7 years foresight should count for something.  I talked about it during the Gulf War in 1991:

And here is the 1994 version:

After the recent White House breach by the man jumping the fence, terrorists now know how easy it would be to breach even that secure location. So if a bunch of right wing thugs (or Isamists) hit it with heavy weapons, this is what could result. They need to put a second fence around it with a moat in between--it won't spoil the view but makes a terror attack on the first family much harder.
I am TOTALLY serious. Death threats against Obama are triple of what Bush had, simply because of his color.

In my book "Better Times Ahead...," I talk about how the book came about as a result of a lay off. Yes, bad things that happen to you can open your eyes.

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In the meantime, UPGRADE the access to the White House NOW. Breaching it from the street has been proven to be too easy. Fix it before it happens again. The occupant in 2017 will need it just as much as President Obama does now.

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