Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Take a Trip to Syria Without Losing Your Head - Right Here...

Today I heard a guy say "There aren't any 'moderates' in Syria. I know that's wrong. Why? Because I have been there and met them! I gave the man a card with my book link. He was interested.

How many of you have been to Syria? How many have been to Turkey? I have been to both countries - as an adult. In Syria it was a child kidnapping case.

If you want to see what Syria looked like before Assad started murdering his own people and ISIS/ISIL became a cancer from the Iraq war, then check out  my insights in "Better Times Ahead Apri Fool."  It shows Syria before and after the war started. It traces the last 30 years from Reagan's wars (he helped Saddam for 8 years in a war against Iran), to Bush I, Bush II, 9/11, etc. It even traces how we got into this economic mess, and how we get back to No. 1 again.

Regarding TURKEY - I didn't cover it in the 2013 Ebook because I was just there for the first time last December. While there I viewed the grave sites of the Virgin Mary and St. John in southern Turkey to Istanbul. I will cover it in my Global American blog in coming days...How many of you know that the Virgin Mary and Jesus are honored in the Koran? Right...

I love it when bubbas who have never been outside of Texas or Anytown USA start spouting what they think about Syria, etc.  That would like me claiming to be a climate scientist, which I am not. My climate views come from LISTENING TO CLIMATE EXPERTS, not from the oil industry or idiots on talking head TV.

In the coming weeks we are going to see a lot of news about Syria and Turkey (which is a problem for us since terrorists are crossing its borders).

I made the price as low as Amazon would let me. I tried to make it 99 cents but both Amazon and Barnes have a floor of $1.99.  It has eye popping photos so you can get a 'feel' for it.

Read and learn without the risk of going yourself and losing your head. Please SHARE.



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