Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who Got Bribed at NASA for BOEING to win over More Advanced Dreamchaser?

I have one question: WHO got bribed at NASA to declare Boeing's untested capsule a $4 billion winner over the more advanced Dream chaser?  The Dreamchaser is the only vehicle under consideration for NASA's private launch initiative that takes off and lands on a runway unlike all the other selections by NASA? 

I live 5 minutes from NASA and have worked with advanced technology worldwide so I am familiar with what NASA does. And I know people at NASA. I highly respect their astronauts but have great reservations about their management. Common sense doesn't seem very common in their decision making. This selection proves my point.

Because if someone was not bribed then it ranks as one of the stupidest decisions by mediocre minds in the space agency in a generation. Basically NASA just passed over a reusable craft in favor of a technology that is a half century old - and put all its eggs in one basket. It went with Capsules, capsules and capsules.

Boeing's capsule needs over 20 square miles to land in water and the expense of ships retrieving it from the ocean. The Dream chaser (photo below) would take off from a runway and land the same way for the maximum efficiency to bring costs down.

NASA is building the Orion, a capsule. It just contracted with Boeing, for another capsule. Why build two of the same kind? That's duplication and a waste! SpaceX also flies a capsule. That is three in a row. It appears that NASA picked the least advanced technology with the best political connections instead of the best technology regardless of the politics.

NASA's decision awarding a contract to SpaceX was justified since SpaceX is currently shuttling payloads successfully to the space station, and it will soon have the capability of landing itself on land. But why did it pick Boeing that hasn't even made a test flight?  And something else they did looks damn peculiar

NASA gave Boeing $4 billion of the $6 billion contract for an untested capsule! It gave Space X only $2 billion, even though its technology has been working! How does this make any sense?

Here are photos of what NASA has selected:

Boeing capsule

Here is a photo of NASA's Orion capsule:

Here is a photo of SpaceX's capsule:

Do you feel like you have double/triple vision?

Now here is a photo of Sierra Nevada's Dream chaser:

And here is how it would look in space:
There needs to be an investigation. Success depends on a reusable craft like the Dreamchaser that can land on a runway instead of an ocean far away from land. 

I found this statement about the bidding process on the Sierra Nevada website. Apparently they also feel something was wrong with the bidding process at NASA. I hope they pursue legal action and an investigation into this award by NASA.

This is not your father's NASA making decisions. Let them hear your voice too.

Please pass this along so America can get back into the lead space technology with the best technology instead of the technology selected by politics and limited thinking.

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