Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What America Needs in 2015

What do Americans need in 2015 to win?

Take New Years for instance. How did we manage to come in last on that event? Did you notice that places like New Zealand and Australia got to celebrate 2015 before we did in America? Yeah. They are shooting fireworks off the Sydney bridge and towers in Taiwan while we sit around new year's day waiting for the fun to begin!  Look, its a round planet!  Why should that side of the planet get to start the day first?
                                                          Photo: Fireworks in Sydney, Australia  2015

Obviously, we need to either move the international date line or figure out another way to lead the world! lol.

Ok, if we can't move the international date line the only chance we have of getting the jump on the new year is if Congress actually did things to HELP the economy for the millions of Americans on the bottom half of the economic ladder. Yes, they should begin to focus on everyone except the top 1%.

That plan is laid out in the second half of "Agenda for American Greatness."

China is now the second largest economy in the world - and could pass the USA economy in size by 2015. Russia under Putin has turned the clock back to the bad days of the overly militaristic bully Soviet Union. He grabbed Crimea from the Ukraine and is fomenting fighting in eastern Ukraine. He is sending military flights to break NATO borders and endanger civilian airliner flights worldwide. Europe's "austerity economics" has it sliding into zero growth and is producing riots in places like Greece.

Our own worst enemy? It is us. Well, actually it is our Congress.

For six years the GOP has backed austerity policies like Europe's. It has blocked economic actions that would have put more money in the hands of the 99% who have been left out of the economy before and after the Great Recession. They have opposed raising the minimum wage. They have opposed investing in our ancient bridges, roads and infrastructure that is over 50 years old. We have a national system of oil water and gas lines so old they collapse or blow up under peoples' homes. We have 70 year old bridges on major interstate highways that could collapse any time - costing billions in damages (not including those killed on the bridge when it collapses.) This happened as recently as Minnesota on I 35.

Agenda for American Greatness is a road map of the educational and technology investments we need to win the 21st century. Check it out. Pass it on. It's not about being Republican or Democrat or Independent. It's about making America No. 1 again.

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