Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Everyone Needs a Friend who is Christian, Muslim, Jewish and even Hindu..

See, its possible! If different species can get along, why can't we?  LOL.

Moral:  Make a new friend. Make it someone who DOESN"T look like you.....

Make it at least one Christan, Muslim, Jew, and even a Hindu. I met all of the above in Ft. Bend County running for office. We could all be in the same room and totally agree on issues.

Ft. Bend is the model of what America will look like by 2050 (India is the second largest country after China, and a bunch live in the U.S. Have you noticed how many hotels they run? They and the Chinese immigrants are our math/tech wizards and are filling in a lot of high tech jobs Americans don't have skills for--yet).

Then you finally have a better picture of what the real world looks like, and thinks!  No more sterotypes.  (Hint: It's not like what the GOP thinks is the real world--whites are only 5% of the world! And even Democrats need more exposure to our citizens from around the planet).

I've already done it.

Revelation: We are ALL alike! (But you won't know this until you have dinner with someone from somewhere else, sometimes in far away places, or in your own backyard.)

Details to my "WILD" days:

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