Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gerrymandering is Killing American Democracy - and Giving Us a Crazy Congress of Lunatics

It has been announced that House Speaker Boehner is going to ISRAEL to meet with Mr. Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister. The Constitution gives international affairs to the PRESIDENT not 535 members of Congress. 

There is nothing worse than an uppity Congressman. Or more DANGEROUS to American security. A house member trying to sabotage a President is one thing. But house members negotiating with foreign leaders is unprecedented. It is inappropriate at best, treason at the worst. Neither are good for our country. American speaks with one voice through the President, not 535 voices crying in the wilderness.

Our Congress politics is now so low that it includes attempted SABOTAGE of our economic revival from Day 1 of the election of President Obama, who inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression.

It now extends to SABOTAGE of a NUCLEAR AGREEMENT with IRAN. The same Congress that threw America into two wars they never bothers to pay for now want to throw gasoline on a potential deal that would avoid an even deadlier war.  That is not only sick but STUPID - says this terrorism analyst who did predict 911 and has the tapes on YouTube to prove it.

We are electing such shallow representatives that it has turned into SICK politics. It is no longer about competing views on a bill. It is all about poison pills, making up false facts,  pettiness, disrespect of an elected President, and continued attempts to rob from the poor to give to the already filthy rich. It's crazier than a rabid shunk.

It's cynical. It is the opposite of what we need to move the country forward. 

Gerrymandering is the reason for this sickness.  Our Congress reps are picked by the most extreme voters in rigged primaries. How does that work?

The winner of the primary automatically wins in November because the district boundaries are rigged. So the real choice was made in the primary by partisan voters, not in November where even independents and others can vote --there vote doesn't vote at that point. So the Congress winner (and state office winner) was picked by maybe 10% of the voters in that district! 

I experienced this personally - seeing three different boundaries in three elections in the same district when Republicans were designing districts in Texas (details in my book 'Better Times Ahead April Fool'). 

Picking our Congress members from gerrymandered districts in rigged primaries --where the most extreme control -- makes the November vote pointless in most districts. It screws the minority party and independents alike.

As a result of gerrymandering we get these small men (and women) who now play political games instead of doing their jobs. Many of them exhibit incredible ignorance about basic facts while collecting $185,000 a year up to show up 100 days a year. They get government paid for health care while telling Americans that they can't have the same thing. 

It's pathetic and hypocritical. How does America win when our own Congress is sabotaging progress?  Only the rich and privileged can afford to play these stupid political games when the world is on fire -- from Ukraine to the Middle East. Ordinary people don't have that luxury.

The U.S. Senate can't even multi-task, like most American workers have to do everyday, by debating one bill and voting on other things on the agenda, like the next attorney general we need in office doing that job for the taxpayers. Voter her up or down but hold the damn vote! (same thing on immigration; Boehner has refused to hold a vote on the bill because he knows it would pass).

Instead of doing their jobs in the U.S. Senate, Mr. McConnell and Cornyn are making Ms. Lynch wait longer than any Attorney General nominee in the history of the United States!  That is putting her at the back of the bus, literally and figuratively. If they hate Eric Holder so much, why are they holding up his departure by not voting on his replacement?

Gerrymandering has led to this Congress which is willing to put the American people at the back of the bus too -- wasting weeks avoiding the vote, interfering with our foreign relations, offering budgets to take even more from the poorest to give to the richest. It's madness. 

They need to grow up and we need to eliminate gerrymandering before it kills America. It already is.

Check out "Agenda for American Greatness" for solutions (FREE, at the link above). Pas it on.

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