Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How the first Rocket Inventor Would Have Never Been Allowed to Immigrate By Pres. Ted Cruz

From Physics Today

"It's the birthday of Wernher von Braun, who was born in 1912 in Wyrzysk, Poland. Braun studied rocketry and mechanical engineering at the Berlin Institute of Technology. He went on to earn a PhD in physics from the University of Berlin in 1934. His thesis, on liquid-propellent rocket engines, was classified by the Nazi regime. Braun joined Germany's rocket R&D program. By the end of World War II, thousands of the V-2 rockets that he had designed and which were built by slave labor had been fired at London and Antwerp. Braun and members of his team surrendered to the US Army at the end of the war; they were taken to the US, where they formed the nucleus of America's rocket and space program. Braun's career culminated in design, development and construction of NASA's Saturn V rocket, which remains the only launch vehicle to have carried astronauts to the Moon."
Von Braun was an amazing individual - he was WAY ahead of his time. He was definitely way ahead of all the others in the years before World War II in his grasp of rockets and the possible...

In America, where is that vision today?  I see talking points aimed at primary voters but I don't see a real global vision of how America wins in a world on fire. Not from any of those running for President. All I see them offering to throw more gasoline on the fires.

I don't see it in Ted Cruz, whose idea of following Jesus would be to deny care to the sick--he actually shut down our government over the idea of people getting healthcare. That ego stunt cost taxpayers $24 billion. Ted Cruz Jesus would not be dividing bread for the 5,000.
Quite the opposite. They would go hungry. Where the Affordable Healthcare Act giveth, Cruz would taketh away.

Nor do I see Mr. Cruz, or Jeb Bush or any other GOP candidate with a space vision--which actually is VITAL to our national security and future prosperity.  Not since JFK has any president been bold on space. 

What the Germans did during World War II was bold by picking a young Polish man and let him build the impossible. They were seeking cutting edge high technology and it almost won them the war. Their V-2 rockets would have soon reached New York. Their atom bomb program that was only stopped when two Norwegians managed to blow up their sole source of heavy water made in a secret plant in Norway, after numerous bombings had failed. 

After the war, the USA got the services of Mr. Braun, who helped build NASA that lead to an amazing skill upgrade for America. One wonders if he had been an illegal immigrant, if Mr. Cruz would allow him into the country! In fact we are denying entry to talented people like von braun because our immigration law is so out of date and broken.

Today China is building high tech and space tech which we have neglected because of a lack of vision. They cornered the market on rare earth materials needed to make computers, satellites and anything high tech worth building. And they did it on a global scale while Congress fiddled in Washington. 

China has invested in education while education investment has declined substantially under the party of Cruz in my home state of Texas.  With Mr. Cruz' blessing, Texas has shorted education funding over $5.4 billion, despite a huge SURPLUS in the budget -- and despite more than 70,000 new students arriving in the state every year. 

Its school financing system has been ruled unconstitutional. Yet Texas legislators still have not made vital changes to give Texas kids a chance in this new global high tech economy. That failure is why China is producing more scientists than we are and is building its own Space Station. Instead of investing in education Texas GOP leaders want to give the money away in tax cuts to the wealthiest.  It's beyond short-sighted.

A real road-map and American vision is set out in the "Agenda for American Greatness"  linked below. The goal:  Make America No. 1 again!  

I have negotiated worldwide and know what the balance of power technology looks like. Photo evidence of those changes over the last 30 years is in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool."

Compare the vision in Agenda for American Greatness to Mr. Cruz's -- and let's discuss.

P.S. JIM BAKER, former Secretary of State, is a Republican who outclasses today's Cruz's  by a thousand percent.


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