Sunday, March 8, 2015

Give George W Bush Credit for Showing Up at Selma's 50th When Most GOP Leadership Didn't Bother

Give George W Bush Credit for Showing Up at Selma's 50th When Most GOP Leadership Didn't Bother. 

I opposed his war in Iraq while on TV as a terrorism adviser (story at Yet I am willing to give W credit for showing up at this historic occasion when most of the current GOP leadership could not be bothered.

That shows the current state of the GOP, who are either hostile to minorities of all kinds --and/or are afraid being seen with the President since they know it would get them "primaried" in the next election. The next candidate would claim that "Incumbent X" didn't hate Obama enough because he did go to Selma.  It's crazy. And getting crazier.

That happens because gerrymandering districts --today's common practice--gives the most extreme candidate the edge. The moderates on both sides who get things done are left out.

It is the politicians stacking the political deck like a card shark does with the marked cards. They pick their voters instead of the voters picking them.

Gerrymandering is covered in the chapter "Predicting 911 and Running Against the Hammer" in Better Times Ahead April Fool, my true global adventure story. "Running Against the Hammer" refers to when I ran against the most powerful Congressman of the time (his nickname was "The Hammer"). I saw 3 different boundaries in the same district in 3 consecutive election cycles....

Gerrymandering and our own extremists in Congress are killing our ability to get important things done. Right now it can't even do simple things easily - like funding Homeland Security! 

This is sabotaging our future. 

Let Congress prove otherwise by doing these things:

  •  Actually PASSING a new Voting Rights Act that President's Obama and Bush support.

  • Let Congress ENACT CYBER-Security legislation -- which it has failed to address, despite foreign governments and global crooks stealing our most secret of secrets (like the designs to the billion dollar F-35 program) as well as our citizens social security numbers.

  • Let's see Congress finally invest in America's 100 year old infrastructure, from bridges to roads and pipelines. Half of Houston's water is wasted from leaks. 50 year old gas pipelines are exploding in neighborhoods all the time, and it will get worse if neglected. MILLIONS of jobs would be created and our kids would have a better future infrastructure to keep America in the lead.
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