Friday, March 20, 2015

How Our Ignorant Congress is Sabotaging America's Future Success

I first saw India as a legal negotiator in 1979, China in 1982. Went to Syria in 1996 for a child kidnapping negotiation as a young entrepreneur lawyer. They were crowded then. They were stable then.

It is worse now. Action needs to be taken.  Iraq opened Pandora's Box.

It's not being fixed because we have been electing hillbilly congress reps who are totally clueless. They have never traveled on business globally. In fact, they have never been anywhere (beyond Frog Jump Arkansas, or Corpus Christi), but are so "expert" on everything, right? lol.

Mr. Cotton's breach of protocol with Iran could result in making a nuclear event MORE likely because of that ignorance about the real world that I have seen the last 30 years.

Global wars and country instability will INCREASE in coming years because of climate disruption. California is now in such a drought the USA could lose its vegetable food supply.

Even conservatives in Europe recognize climate change is real!

The only logical conclusion is that our conservatives apparently are the dumbest group in the entire world. They are the only ones left on the entire planet that don't believe in man-made climate change, or addressing it. LOL.

Now isn't that special? 

Some REAL Solutions are in Agenda for American Greatness.

Let's debate something real for a change.

No charge.  Thank you.  Pass it on. 

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