Thursday, August 18, 2016

From Reagan Democrats in 1980 This Could Be the Year of Hillary Republicans Who Jumped From the Titanic

I heard a Republican woman on POTUS radio today who said that she had been a republican and voted for Republicans ever since Ronald Reagan. She campaigned against Obama twice, but this year she couldn’t stay in the GOP because of Trump. In fact, she said she has decided to vote for Hillary!

Why? Because Trump scares her. It wasn’t just his attacks on Hispanics (she is Hispanic), and the disabled; it wasn’t just the Gold Star attack. What got her was the suggestion of assassination by “2nd Amendment people” and that he is clueless that words matter. When other Republicans tweeted during the interview about “the Supreme Court” she said “Do you really think he would appoint conservatives? He’s talked about his own sister! There is no telling who he would appoint.”

She’s right. He blows with the wind and is so uninformed he could do anything crazy. She also said that 3rd parties don’t win and it was a choice of either Hillary or Trump.

Apparently that was enough for one woman who tweeted that she too was a Republican and based on what she heard, she too was going to vote for Hillary.

Never before has there been an election this strange before. In a way it’s the reverse of the “Reagan Democrats” of the 80’s. the GOP has become so extreme that its members have no place to go but jump from the sinking Trump Titanic and become Hillary Republicans, even if reluctantly. These would be the moderates, which I found in my run for Congress do exist. They don’t vote in primaries (the more extreme voters do), but they do show up in November.

This is such a bizarre year between hellish fires on one end of the country and  floods and Zika on the other end while Congress dozes on vacation and we pubic witness an Alice in Wonderland election that has lowered the standards of decency to the gutter. It is an election that is about to get more bizarre as Trump stokes the fires of extreme nationalism and false claims for the gullible, the same people Trump has fleecesdout of millions in his fraudulent business schemes…

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