Sunday, November 20, 2011

America Turns Towards Pacific Asia for 21st Century

America's Future lies in ASIA, with is growing 10% year - not stagnant Europe which is growing less than 1% year. BBC News sums it up in this article:

This is significant. The 21st century will be an Asian-American century between China, India and the USA...

Obama: "The economy in this area is going to be the engine for world economic growth for some time to come. The lines of commerce and trade are constantly expanding.

"And it's appropriate then for us to make sure that not only our alliance but the security architecture of the region is updated for the 21st century, and this initiative is going to allow us to do that."

From my international experience, that's true. President Obama is putting us where we need to be - focused on the East. That is where our greatest exports will come from.

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