Friday, November 11, 2011

Experts: Global Warming Irreversible by 2017

What is the most important question today? What is the most important thing in our lives? It's something we should ask on this 11-11-11. (In China that number is 'Good Luck').

Is it Joe Paterno's fate? Is it the Presidential election of 2012? Will it matter if our planet is killed by our own negligence by 2017? Plan to move to another planet if that happens? What fate does that leave our children?

The sharp spike in warming in the past year has shocked experts, who now believe if global warming is not neutralized by 2017 it may be too late to stop it - at the peril of our children and grandchildren. Something to think about when you see this 7 minute video. Check out the charts...

Check out the 7 minute video about a short fuse burning on the future of Planet Earth at:

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