Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Journists/Democracy Under Attack in Russia - With Guns and Beatings

Journalists are under attack in Russia, and so is "democracy." In fact, democracy seems to be as dead as some of the reporters who have been killed by vicious attacks for daring to report truth in Russia.

Russian reporters have been shot or beaten into a coma with baseball bats. For the full graphics, read the article at the above link.

Already, Mr. Vladimir Putin is shoving aside current President Medvedev for his third term.

It is also reported that it was a Russian nuclear scientist is the one who has helped Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, providing key technology support. That would explain Russia's resistance to more sanctions on Iran (see link):

Don't forget, the one country with as much nuclear firepower as the U.S. is Russia.

Russia joins Nicaragua, where Daniel Ortega of the Sandinistas won an unprecedented third term as President, and Guatemala as nations falling away from the promise of democracy - and back into "one man rule."

Ironically, it is happening as the "Arab Spring" movement has sought to eliminate decades old dictatorships.

Stay tuned.

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