Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Earth Test: 520 day Mission to Mars

The Russians are concluding a test to see if humans could survive a mission to Mars that could last 520 days - without a murder or other human crisis. They claim they have done it - with an all male volunteer group.

"The all-male team is made up of three Russians, two doctors and one engineer; a Chinese astronaut trainer; and French and Italian engineers, who were sent by the European Space Agency." It was a six person team.

NASA experts say that such a mission should involve an odd-number of people (you need a tie-breaker) and WOMEN.

520 days in space and no mass murder or fist fights? Why not employ the plasma engine of Ad Astra in Houston - earth to Mars in a mere 39 days! Back again in another 39 days.

Check out the study at:

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