Saturday, November 19, 2011

American World Wrap Up - Obama Assassination Attempt to A Taliban Nuke in Pakistan?

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Obama Assassination attempt? Can the White House Withstand Heavy Weapons? The man who shot at the White House fired 7 rounds from an assault weapon - at least two of which struck the White House, one hitting a window that was backed up by ballistic glass. (The rest of the DC fed buildings have Armor Glass-type security film installed). The shooter proved that heavy weapons threaten our leadership, from the President to Congress, no less than Flight 93 of 9/11. This shooter has said that he was “called by Jesus” and “hates the President.” Sound familiar(But let’s not drag any Presidential candidates into this).

What if the next shooter uses a MANPAD or RPG? After the fall of Gadhafi in Libya, entire stockpiles of Manpads and other dangerous weapons remain unguarded. Untold numbers are already uncounted for – the remainder are easy prey for international weapons dealers who pray for this kind of opportunity.

The US and UN should have teams in Libya RIGHT NOW helping the Libyan government get these weapons locked up, counted and secured - before an American or European airliner gets hit by one. Or DC.MILITARY COUP in MUSLIM, NUCLEAR Pakistan? The civilian leadership of Pakistan is in danger of being toppled by the Pakistan military.

Why care? Because Pakistan has nuclear tipped missiles -- the only Muslim country with that capability, and the new guys with the keys will be the extremist fruitcakes. A Taliban nuke is not a good thing.

Pakistan has recalled their U.S. ambassador because he “asked for U.S. help to avoid Pakistan military from toppling the civil government.” The military has taken over previous Pakistan governments. Pakistan is the ONLY Muslim country that has NUKES, fitted on missiles. Israel, Europe, etc are not far away. Pakistan’s double dealing spooky ISI has extremist ties and operates in their own world not controlled by the civilian government. ISI has been helping launch attacks against U.S. soldiers in next door Afghanistan. Keep your eye on updates on this one.

Cyber Vandalism: How a Russian Cyber Attack Killed a U.S. Water Plant Pump. Next Hack: NUKE Plant pump? This week it was discovered a Russia hacker was able to cause a water pump failure at a U.S. water plant. The vandal didn’t even enter the pump room – he or she was sitting at a computer somewhere in Russia. What if it had been a nuclear plant pump? Tanks and supersonic aircraft are useless in this high tech war. It could be lost without firing a shot.

Our global computer/internet grid is now so thoroughly interconnected that we can steal each other’s technology and secrets worldwide from our armchairs 10,000 miles away. Imagine dedicated hacking spies doing that to the countries (USA, Europe) who have the No. 1 technology! Technology is our No. 1 asset. If we don’t protect it on a 21st Century level, it can be a world away in nano-seconds, and used to gain advantage if not defeat us.

Our technology assets are too valuable and vulnerable to global theft and sabotage to be ignored. We must fix it.

OCCUPY CAIRO (EGYPT) – People are people everywhere. Treat them unjustly and they hit the streets. It has happened again in Egypt where the people see their hard won freedom being stolen by the military, after enduring a 30 year dictator, whose 1% cronies made all the money and there was no rule of law, fairness or justice. Now the Egyptian people are getting to vote for the first time but forces are trying to deny them.

They went back on the streets of Tahrir Square screaming that the Egyptian military is trying to take over the government. They are right. The military has insisted on a secret budget. It doesn't want to take orders from a civilian government elected by Egyptians in the upcoming elections. It would be yet another dictatorship and defeat of democracy, not another military dictatorship. The people want a change. They want freedom and democracy. Anything could happen.

America's PACIFIC Era Begins. President Obama has started the beginning of the American Pacific era. It is a smart economic move that points America in the right direction for thriving in the 21st century – Asia. The stagnating markets of the West (Europe) represent the past.

America’s future prosperity lies towards the rapidly growing markets of East in Asia --which are growing fast and have a thirst for stuff Americans make, like Boeing aircraft, etc. It will mean billions in sales (and that means American jobs) to American companies in the coming decades.China and India (South Asia) are 40% of the world's population – 2 billion plus people total. Both countries have millions of young people with the math and science skills to fill the 3 million high tech, high paying USA jobs that are available today – enough to drop our unemployment rate to 6.1%

The problem? Americans don't have the skills for these 3 million unfilled jobs! And 90% of Americans who take the qualifying tests required by the company to be trained for those jobs are disqualified! That leaves only 10% good enough to get training.

That raises the question - are Americans lazy if they think it is too much work to get the degrees and skills needed to take these high paying jobs – jobs that will go to foreigners or remain unfilled otherwise?). Just asking…

China and India have growth rates of 9 - 10% versus a normal U.S. growth rate of 3% or less. Our future prosperity is tied to Asia. Europe will be our No. 2 most important economic partner.

How the Europe Economic Mess Could Kill US: If Europe goes down so does the U.S. economy! America sells a lot of exports to Europe, which at 733 million people is twice the size of the U.S. If the Europe market crashes so do those sales. Pray that doesn't happen. Again the Presidential candidates have it backwards – it is not that Europe will ask the U.S. for a bailout. Europe is bigger than the U.S. and whales do not swallow whales. But they can hurt each other.

A downturn in Europe will cost American companies export sales --that will cost jobs making that stuff here in the U.S. (the only country with $3 trillion in cash who could bailout Europe is China, and they aren't willing to do it) Europe’s austerity programs and lack of job opportunities for youth have fed their own Occupy protests -- including window-breaking, car burning riots.

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series
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