Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Bi Polar Nation: America's challenge

On Wisconsin and today's vote: I'll say only 1 thing. It has polarized a once civil state. It has become uncivil, dividing families and even husbands and wives. It will be CLOSE, either way.

That means regardless of who wins, we are still a "bipolar nation" - split between two factions, with independents now the deciders of each election. 

We MUST find our civility - I have yet to see the political debate rise above elementary level (name calling, talking points). We need to be thinking strategically, and globally to win a 21st century high tech global economy - with sinking educational levels and skills. Who is talking about upgrading our skills, and a real path to high tech Global America...?

We talk about it at "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?
"Agenda for American Greatness"



  1. Hello,

    I just happened along to this site. The title seems to indicate that people will expect fairness and something good "for all."

    I noticed this site is the "pet" of Michael Fjetland, who owns a security glass company.

    Does this company do something for us all?

    Or was this company founded on fear and now there is a whole lot of info on terrorism.

    Does this site think what the US goverment allows done to it's own people, terrorism.

    The info came out today we have more starving children in this rich country than in most of the world.

    what is wrong with us?

    Thanks, laura Hart

    1. "Global American Values" was created by me to inform Americans what is going on in the world that impacts us - too few of us travel or pay attention.

      "Armor GLass" was founded to protect people from burglar break ins and hurricane/tornadoes because glass windows are every buildings' weakest link. Terrorism is less likely than a burglar or a storm doing harm (I say that as a former TV terrorism advisor).

      Yes, we have a lot of starving children and I care about that also. That's why I ran for Congress several times (and did not win).

      Details at: www.BetterTimesAheadAprilFool.com
      Another "pet" project of mine, for sure!


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