Saturday, June 30, 2012

Conservatives Worldwide Support Universal Healthcare - Except in U.S.

Did you know that Conservatives Worldwide Support Universal Healthcare? - Except in U.S.!

The Conservative government ruling England would never consider abandoning their Universal Health care system - Prime Minister David Cameron has in fact supported it strongly even during his austerity government actions, which is cutting budgets and costing jobs and causing great economic stress for the English.

I have been in nearly 50 countries on business in over three decades from the Fortune 500 in the 70's so I have seen how a lot of countries do things.

It struck me that of all the conservatives I have encountered in the entire world the only one who conservatives in the world who don't support Universal Health Care for their people are in only one country - the USA!

Meaning that our conservatives are out of step with the rest of the world's conservatives.

Think about it - who are the ones who are out of touch?

How "Christian" is it NOT to care about or citizens having access to health care, including the preventive care they now have as a result of the Affordable Care Act? Did Jesus say: "Do nothing for your fellow man?"

I'm just asking...

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