Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Food Stamp CONGRESS

They have call him the "Food Stamp President." That is the pot trying to call the kettle black (no pun intended).   Truth be told: It's the Food Stamp CONGRESS. Why?

Because the GOP-controlled Congress are stifling jobs in a huge way -- by not passing a routine Transportation Bill that has always funded the nation's road and bridge repair jobs. Failing to pass this routine bill is causing contractors to lay off workers, at the cost of 1 MILLION JOBS, and counting!

And that ripples to cause others to lose jobs.

A Congress that refuses to pass what has ALWAYS been a BIPARTISAN Transportation bill to fix roads and bridges BEFORE they collapse into the water (thousands of them are over 70 years old!) is playing politics and deliberating hurting the American economy and millions of AMericans.

By refusing to pass the Transportation Bill and create another 1 MILLION JOBS for Americans, it FORCES more people on Food Stamps.

So that makes the GOP House the Food Stamp CONGRESS .  From the outside it really is looking like their are sabotaging the U.S. economy solely for political gain.

P.S. the car elevator owning set wouldn't understand what its like to choose between food and gas and rent. If you are BORN RICH, you never had to face that reality.

I have..its in my book "Better Times Ahead: April Fool"

It's a survival story on how to make it despite losing a job. It finishes with SOLUTIONS not being proposed by Congress...

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