Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The RISE of Independent Voters -Bigger than GOP and Dems

PBS News tonight had a fascinating, and accurate I believe, report on who will decide this election: Independent Swing Voters.
They are, for the FIRST time, the LARGEST political group in the U.S. Bigger than either party, Democrat or Republican.
"Indies" are now 38%, Democrats 32% and GOP 24% (yes, the Republican group is the smallest).  
Linda Killian has written a book how the Independents are an "untapped power" in American elections and politics. It appears that their day in the sun has come, after decades of hyperpartisan politics that no longer makes sense. How can Congress argue over the deck chairs when the economy went off the cliff in late 2008? They did.  And still do. Even a basic highway bill that both parties have supported for decades is hung up, as our bridges and roads crumble.  (Playing politics is now more important than keeping our infrastructure competitive in a global economy).
Independents are tired of NEGATIVE politics and the bickering. They hate money in politics. They are socially tolerant. They care most about the economy and deficits. They just want a government that makes sense. 
They will be choosing the American President in 2012. They will pick who they think is best for the country's future, not what's best for just the super wealthy. They won't make their decision until October and see more of both candidates - these are not snap deciders. 
These Independent voters hold the keys to this election. And as they grow they will decide future elections, not just Republicans or Democrats.
One of my Congress races against Tom DeLay was as an Independent (2004). 
Story at:

"Running Against the Hammer"
The book "Better Times Ahead" ends with a chapter on SOLUTION. The "Agenda for American Greatness."
More than ever, America needs real solutions, not talking points to regain our No. 1 status. 
Stay tuned. With Europe on the financial edge, anything could happen.

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