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Congress Cuts 1 Million Jobs - Billionaires Now Pick Presidents

26 June 2012
Global American Series

                                   How Billionaires Will Be Picking America's Leaders

Do you remember when the I-35 bridge collapsed into the Mississippi a few years ago? It could happen now anywhere, anytime, while Congress does nothing.

At Lake Charles the I-10 bridge crossing the lake is 70 years old. It is so rickety that they have closed half the lanes.  Even then, they can’t keep the replacement light bulbs from breaking from the vibration of cars rumbling over it.  If it collapses, America’s major east-west artery, I-10, is cut in half for months of not years. There are thousands like it nationwide.

Now contractors are laying people off instead of fixing these deathtraps and crumbling roads.
How does Congress’s failure to act help anyone? How does it create those jobs or repair that bridge?  Meanwhile, Congress is pulling their checks, along with their government health care insurance (while being against it for ordinary Americans).

Our Congress seems determined to drown the American economy. It has failed to pass a routine normal bipartisan Transportation bill that generates over 1 million jobs fixing America's roads and bridges.  They should have done it months ago.

I went to military-controlled Egypt during the first peace treaty in 1979 (gave up my room for the delegation, the story is in my book). Now it has democracy and an Islamic President.

I went to Syria controlled by one Assad on an international child kidnapping case. Now it is controlled by his son and is in a civil war. (That one too is in the book).

So, I wonder what would happen if I visited Congress in DC?  What democracy we have left is as wobbly as the Egyptians! America is slipping more towards Egypt and Syria-type governments -- each controlled by a few powerful people. Why?

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that billionaire corporations can give billion dollar checks if they wish to pick the next American President and Congress. And they can do it anonymously. Even casino money from China could be purchasing the next President of the United States!

The court nullified a 100-year old law in Montana that forbid corporate political donations, which was written 100 years ago after large mining companies were buying Montana's elections. So much for states’ rights on that one! 

The U.S. S court has also said you can be stopped and asked to prove your citizenship.  Remember the old WWII shows where the Nazi guy says: "Show me your papers!" 

I am a citizen, but if stopped I could not prove it. I carry a driver’s license like most people, not my birth certificate! Who does?

Tell me, how would a police officer make that determination?  By the color of your skin? Am I “OK” as a white Anglo with a funny Norwegian name in the eyes of the police but my Hispanic citizen friend, Martin, who served in the Air Force, needs to produce his birth certificate on the highway?

Finally, consider this: America’s Economic Recovery depends not just on what American leadership does (or doesn’t) do; it also depends on what the European Union does (or doesn’t) do with its economic tightrope.

We either float or drown in the global economic pool together.


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Written by Michael Fjetland BBA/JD, with experience in nearly 50 countries, from Fortune 500 to Small Entrepreneurs.

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