Monday, July 9, 2012

America's Future -and Climate Change at "tipping point of no return.

I warned on TV (and by contacting our leaders) about the potential of 9/11 before 9/11.  No one listened (video proof is at the YouTube reference below). I saw what anyone with international experience and some vision could have seen if they were paying attention.  Today is no different.

I am now predicting an even worse event than 9/11 - the extinction of our entire human species. Not by weapons or war either.

I am predicting that we are setting up our own extinction, caused by our own environmental negligence.  The fuse is already lit unless we take immediate steps to shut it down to avoid that final chapter in human history from becoming reality.  Time is not our friend, especially when the result is fatal on a planetary scale.

It has been the HOTTEST YEAR IN HUMAN RECORDED HISTORY.  Thousands of records from triple digit heat have been broken across the U.S. -- and the world.  These historic highs have never been seen before in human recorded history. At the same time we have historic floods and Hurricanes forming even before hurricane season. This is a global phenomenon, not just a United States issue.

The "new normal" temperatures continue to spike off the charts far above the normal hot-cold cycle of  the past 800,000 years (recorded in the Arctic ice cores that have been drilled and examined).

The lights are blinking red. The warning signs have never been so clear and dramatic as they are now. 

What kind of business can survive on an Earth caught in the vice-grip of inescapable triple digit heat and hurricane-force freak storms that are increasingly dangerous and causing billions in damages to property? 

How do trillion dollar deficits rank in importance versus extinction in terms of priorities? The amount of debt won't matter if we are dead, or leave a dying planet to our kids, will it?

How does our blue planet and its inhabitants survive the loss of our protective ice shelves at the poles that provide the cooling we do get? If we lose that ice, we will cook hotter than frogs in the boiling pot.  When I grew up in Iowa I had to walk over towering snow drifts. Last winter, there was no snow in Iowa and the Midwest. No snow means no water to fill the rivers and grow the crops we need for food.  What kind of future is that to leave our children? 

What business would survive if we cause our own extinction? The answer is obvious.
Would you agree that there is no greater priority then the survival of our only home in space? Would you agree that if we no longer have a viable home planet that none of our cultural or political differences will matter if everyone is dead or dying from lack of food, water, or fighting over dwindling resources caused by a ever-hotter climate, right?

Two hundred years into our industrial era, we have achieved industrial technology never before imagined by our ancestors: billions of plants worldwide emitting trillions of gases on an escalating scale.  We humans have become the frogs in our own global industrial boiling pot, unaware that the slowly increasing temperatures are cooking ourselves, while we pay no attention or go into denial.

As countries like China, India and Brazil bring more billions of aspiring humans into the middle classes, buying cars and releasing air conditioning gases, we are accelerating the quantity of gases that are causing our oceans to become acid and disrupting normal air currents. 

Our one-of-a-kind blue planet is now home to 7 BILLION people, all generating more emissions never before possible by a few thousand cave men and woman sitting around campfires.  This ain't your father's planet any more.

Would you agree that neither the Moon nor Mars offer an attractive or practical alternative as a place for humans to go, right?  These lifeless planetary outposts would be the only options left if we humans jeopardize Earth's health and future by turning a blind eye to reality and failing to take corrective action. We are hitting our planet's "tipping point of no return" and have no time to waste, for your kids sake.

If we act now we can avoid that fate.  The damage we have done to date means we still face years of worse droughts and more common Hurricane Winds thousands of miles from where Hurricanes normally hit --like the Derecho and its 90 mph winds that recently hit the mid-Atlantic states and knocked out power for over 2 million, then baked them under triple digit heat and deadly UV rays. 

But we can stop the deterioration IF we act rationally and SOON.

Or else face never-ending HEAT FROM HELL.

Protecting people from these threats -- Heat, Hurricane Force Winds, and Burglars -- is the primary reason I founded Armor Glass. 

Before establishing Armor Glass, I was an Entrepreneur who practiced as an American attorney with experience in nearly 50 countries. Before that I was a Fortune 500 negotiator/attorney who was sent to over 30 countries before a lay off during the  80's Texas oil bust. 

Being laid off  was a mind-searing experience, having to choose between food and rent and live on your wits. That is something that a person born as a millionaire could not even guess at or understand. Only those who have been in that situation REALLY understand what it is like to lose your apartment or have the power turned off during winter when there is a 2 year old in the place. 

I experienced all of that and more (details in my book based on those old travels into mysterious lands "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?

A lay off led to endless hours of free time.  Hoping to sell some books for needed income, I began writing a "Fictional" book entitled "Fire Over Arabia." I needed a plot.  Based on my global travels, I decided it would describe what it is like being an international globe hopping negotiator. So I made it about an American international lawyer who gets caught in an unexpected flash war in the Middle East (in Iraq of all places), during which a terror attack is launched on the U.S. 

Sound familiar? That was science fiction talk in 1991 when I wrote it and described the potential on those TV spots in Houston. Some of these are on YouTube (ID: Fjet2020) including one with over 1.5 million views so far.

When I was 150 pages into "Fire Over Arabia" Saddam invaded Kuwait.  The first Gulf War was on. 

That is when I made my first appearance on the Houston Fox station as a "Middle East expert." Two years later, the first bombing of the World Trade Center occurred in 1993, killing six people. 

Ten years later came 9/11, and my return as a Terrorism Analyst.  Some of these are also on YouTube (ID: Fjet2020).

However, after two years of doing gigs for Houston Fox 26 (and NEWS 24, which later folded) talking about Anthrax scares, airport threats, Stinger Missiles, hospital security, etc. I felt that something was missing. Despite being a paid (not much, but paid) TV Terrorism Expert, I felt that my talking didn't actually DO anything to protect  people from any those threats.

Then I discovered the technology I used to establish Armor Glass. It was high tech and multipurpose - providing both security for every buildings' weakest link (its windows) from break-ins, hurricanes and heat, while also saving enough energy to pay for itself over time. All at cost a fraction of the alternatives, which cost 5X to 10X more. 

What could be better than getting protection and saving money, right? However, I took it a step further.

Because I had been a Terrorism adviser, I sought out the BEST technology and the best people to install it. Armor Glass was dedicated to security. But I discovered that most other companies were not. Most of them were focused on selling cheap solar film that only blocks sun but would fail if struck by a Large Wind-borne debris (like a burglar tool or tree branch).

Armor Glass security films are rated for explosions, Large Missile impacts (4.5 lbs) and can cut down solar heat up to 79%. All screen out 99% of harmful UV rays that destroy Aunt Emma's antiques and your costly furnishings.  UV is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer. So people get that protection.

Running this company is the best way that I can do to help people - protecting them from greater dangers while blocking that blast furnace heat.

But even Armor Glass can't help us if we destroy our planet's environment by failing to address climate change before the human frogs are boiled. We may even need to begin GeoEngineering-- planetary climate engineering --  to survive. For our children to have a future, we have to act NOW.

"Highest Heat Records in Human History" source:

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