Saturday, July 21, 2012

I am A Small Business -- That the GOP is Hurting

The GOP claims that President Obama is hurting small business. They claim that he makes it too hard to do business. They make it sound like small businesses can’t even fart without being hounded to death for polluting the air.

I own a small business. I am the President and the janitor and the secretary. I do have a CPA, thank god. My company grosses under $500,000 year so it is a genuine small business, not one of those $10 million/year “small businesses” the GOP speaks of. 

My company is not being hurt by President Obama's policies. In fact, the President was helping my business until the GOP interfered. My experience is that the GOP is responsible for holding back and hurting small businesses like mine, and many like mine, costing America millions of jobs! They are also costing our technology lead in the global economy.

Here's my case: The Republicans hurt businesses like mine when they stopped programs such as the 30% energy tax (up to $1,500) credit for making energy efficiency improvements in houses, which was supported by President Obama. 

When that tax credit was in effect it was a “win-win” for America and the average American. The credit helped the homeowners who purchased energy efficiency products that pay for themselves over time –like a radiant barrier or my company’s Armor Glass security film, which saves energy, cuts solar heat and armors the glass from break-ins and hurricanes. What's wrong with that? Congress canceled it.

That credit was generating thousands of jobs in energy efficiency! It could be generating MILLIONS of jobs if allowed to grow. The President supported it. The GOP did not. Companies like my “Green+Security” are the next big economic engine for our country. Instead of supporting green businesses like mine, Congress is giving our tax credit to profit-rich, 100-year old oil companies who don’t need it.

If this were 1900 the same GOP folks would be backing the buggy makers against the emerging car industry (really!)

The GOP is responsible for the economic collapse of 2008 (the worst in 70 years –an economic mess not seen since the Great Depression). Since then people like Mitch McConnell have said since Day 1 of Obama stepping into office that they wanted Obama out, from Day 1!

To do that they have been sabotaging the recovery by blocking every jobs plan offered by the President -- and by canceling programs that were generating jobs in my industry and others. It is the American people who don’t have fat Congressional paychecks who are paying the price for their actions and in-actions, like delaying for months passing the normally bipartisan Transportation Bill that fixes part of our broken highways and employes many thousands of average Americans who don't have fat Congress paychecks..

Is the GOP against saving homeowners thousands of dollars in energy costs enough to pay for the products protecting their home?  Is the GOP against products that would provide homeowners greater security from the breaking bad folks unleashed by the Great Republican Recession?

The only logical conclusion is that the GOP wanted to hurt the economy and Obama. 

For America to have a chance average Americans better get wise to reality - and vote for a different Congress that will support and help President Obama finish the job and build the economy we need to win the 21st century high tech global economy.

Pass it on!

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